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That night he had pushed me on the bed and forced me into anal sex just for that yes. I was a well-educated woman who could earn and live on her own. Yet, my heart was sinking when I left Sahil's home.

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There was a fear of being judged by my own family and society. But even bigger than that was the pain in my heart. When I reached home, my hair was dishevelled and eyes swollen as I had cried all night. Newly married women look ravishing when they visit home for the first time after marriage. But my face was pale and the keen eyes of my neighbours guessed why.

People started pouring in.

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Some would say: "Such a terrible thing has happened to you. Then there were a few who thought that a woman should not make such a harsh choice over petty issues. Everyone had something to say but their opinions could not change my decision. It has been seven months since I left Sahil's home and now I am choosing my own path. I have received a fellowship; I am doing a job and studying as well. We have been going to police stations and courts as the legal procedure of divorce is not over yet.

I still wake up with a start at night.

I still have nightmares. I haven't been able to forget what I had to face but I am trying to move on in earnest. My trust in love and relationships is definitely shaken, but not broken yet. I have decided to take some time for myself.

I am proud that I didn't stay silent and got out of this abusive relationship before it was too late. That is why I believe that my future will be better than my past and present. This is a true life-story of a woman who lives in western India as told to BBC reporter Sindhuvasini Tripathi, produced by Divya Arya. The woman's identity has been kept anonymous on request.

BBC Women names influential and inspirational women around the world every year and shares their stories. Find us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and use Women. I divorced my husband because he couldn't satisfy me.

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After this, we didn't talk for almost a month. Meanwhile, I was being pressured into marriage. A line had been crossed. I left him the morning after. What is women? Other stories you might like:. One of the girls in the video, incoming year-old freshman Ally Wakefield, told the network that she was forced into the split position against her will by the newly-hired cheer coach.

the sphincter muscles of the anus being very tight. certain health issues, such as hemorrhoids, making it painful. However, anal sex does not have to hurt, and severe pain Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys Hispanic & Latino Voices STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Also, reassure your daughter that the actual physical exam doesn't take long at all. Most girls won't get an internal pelvic exam. These are recommended starting at age 21 for healthy women. But a girl who has problems like heavy bleeding, painful periods, or unusual vaginal discharge might need a pelvic exam sooner

He was pushing like with his other knee on my back to try to keep my posture straight. The cheer coach at the center of the investigation has been placed on leave, along with the school's principal, assistant principal, an assistant cheer coach and the Denver Public Schools deputy general counsel.

The elder Wakefield sent an email alerting school officials on June 15, but a police investigation wasn't started for more than two months. This way the doctor can feel the size and position of the ovaries and uterus. A tool that opens the vaginal walls a speculum lets the doctor see the walls and cervix and do screening tests, such as a Pap smear and tests for some STDs.

Let your daughter know that she may feel some pressure, but this shouldn't hurt.

Cheerleaders forced into painful splits in disturbing videos. Aug. 24, One of the girls in the video, incoming year-old freshman Ally Wakefield, told the network that she was forced Young women in the study reported anal sex as painful, but at the same time, the majority of teens saw women's experience of pain as due to women being Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins Some mild pain after your first few times isn't usually a cause for concern. If you experience deep pain or abdominal pain, pain that's severe, or pain that lingers for more than a day or two Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins

To decrease any discomfort, she can take slow, deep breaths and relax her stomach and vaginal muscles. The Pap smear.

During the internal exam, the doctor or nurse may take a Pap smear.

Gynecologists recommend a Pap smear starting at age 21, and then every 3 years for women in their 20s. In this test, the doctor gently scrapes cells from the cervix using a small brush or spatula.

The sample is checked in a lab for cell changes and cervical cancer. The provider may ask if your daughter got the human papillomavirus HPV vaccine at her pediatrician's office. If she didn't, they might offer it.

This vaccine protects against the main types of HPV that cause genital warts and some types of cancer, especially cervical cancer. Even if your daughter gets the HPV vaccine, she should still get regular Pap smears starting at age 21 to screen for other forms of cervical cancer.

Testing for STDs isn't a regular part of a well-woman visit.

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But girls who have been sexually active should ask for STD testing. Sometimes, doctors do this with blood or urine pee tests. Other times, the doctor takes a sample with a cotton swab as in a Pap smear during a pelvic exam. The lab checks the samples for STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia. When talking to your daughter about STD tests, explain that vaginal intercourse isn't the only way to get infected. Germs also can pass through oral sex and anal sex.

Ask the office staff about how your daughter can get test results confidentially. For instance, instead of calling the patient or sending a letter with the results, some offices ask the patient to call in.

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After your daughter's first visit, encourage her to talk about it as much as she feels comfortable. If she says that the doctor or nurse practitioner made her feel uneasy, find a new one. Your daughter should continue to go for well-woman visits every year to keep her informed and healthy.

Find care at Nemours Children's Health Doctors Locations. Your Daughter's First Gynecology Visit. Reviewed by: Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD. Listen Play Stop Volume mp3 Settings Close Player.

First girls anal pain - Your Daughter's First Gynecology Visit (for Parents) - Nemours Kidshealth

Larger text size Large text size Regular text size. en espanol La primera visita ginecologica de su hija. Why Is the First Gynecology Visit Important? To help your daughter feel more comfortable about it: Explain why the visit is needed. Help your daughter know what to expect.

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Talk about any questions or fears she might have. Explain that a well-woman visit provides: Information. She'll get accurate information and confidential answers to questions about sex, sexuality, her changing body, and her periods.

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