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Like, the type of person who talks on their phone in a movie theater kind of awful. Beautiful, really, though I reckon the pearlfish would beg to differ. This behavior is the strange product of a housing crisis. You see, shelter is in short supply on many seafloors, particularly those that lack reefs. And there are few better shelters than sea cucumbers, little mobile homes that pearlfishes will enter pretty much as they please, leaving to hunt and returning for protection. It then must choose the right end to enter, using its lateral line - sensory organs that detect movements in water - to home in on the outflow from the respiratory tree at the anus. But the host has to breathe, so it has to dilate the anus to realize the water flow.Fucking mogolian girl.

Yet not only does the pearlfish fail to trip this defense when it enters the sea cucumber, it seems to be immune to its toxins while occupying the host, which Parmentier says may be attributable to the unusual amount of mucous coating the fish's body.

You have teeth in your head, but some sea cucumbers have them in their bum.

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Imagine, if you will, the life of a sea cucumber dentist. But the sea cucumber may not be entirely defenseless against the invasions of the pearlfish.

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Some species have what could be functioning as a built-in gate in their anus - a handy accessory considering that in addition to the pearlfish, crabs and clams have also been known to make themselves at home inside the poor critters the sea cucumber, it seems, like any good host, can never really enjoy itself at its own party.

Hat tip to Oceans IQ for suggesting this week's critter. Browse the full Absurd Creature of the Week archive here. Have an animal you want me to write about?

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com or ping me on Twitter at mrMattSimon. Parmentier, E. and Vandewalle, P. Science Publisher.

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The sea cucumber, though, has a trick up its sleeve. Remarkably, it can regenerate complex body parts like intestines and, yes, gonads. And it's a damn good thing it can, because sea cucumbers A year-old Regina woman testifies what started as a coffee date with a charming gentleman ended with him driving her outside city limits and raping her. The accused, 49, denies doing anything That night he had pushed me on the bed and forced me into anal sex just for that yes. A line had been crossed. I left him the morning after. I was a well-educated woman who could earn and live on

And then, inevitably, the pearlfish would find you. Matt Simon is a science journalist at WIRED, where he covers biology, robotics, cannabis, and the environment.

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She thought he was lost. Then, she said, he told her, "'We'll go up here and go for a bit of a walk.

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It's a nice day. Once they were outside the car, he kissed her.

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She said the first kiss was quick, but then he became "very forceful. When he guided her to the back seat, she said she planned to jump in, grab her purse off the passenger-side front seat, then hop out the other side door and get away.

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But the door wouldn't open, she testified, and she lost her escape route. From there, she described how he yanked off her pants and forcibly penetrated her vaginally, pushed her face down to perform oral sex, then penetrated her anally.

I was scared to fight, because he was stronger than I am.

And there was really no room to fight," she said. Afterward, she said, he handed her a tissue and told her to clean herself.

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She said he opened his sunroof and had a smile on his face. She had blood on her face where her head had banged repeatedly against the door.

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Then, she said, he thanked her for being his birthday present. When the woman got home, she quickly deleted her Plenty of Fish profile, and filled her bathtub with "any cleaning chemical" she could find and scrubbed her body.

The woman's daughter convinced her to go to the hospital, and on the Monday evening, she went for a rape exam, where nurses documented bruises and lacerations. A police officer attended at the hospital, but decided not to take her statement back at the station that evening because it was late and snowing.

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She gave a videotaped statement to RCMP at White Butte detachment after the officer was back on shift, on Wednesday, March The woman told the court that tracking his digital footprint made her feel safer, but she was also worried "he was still out there, and might hurt someone else.

During cross-examination, Nikdima's lawyer, Barry Nychuk, tried to poke holes in the woman's testimony.

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Senior Crown prosecutor Randene Zielke objected, saying Nychuk's questions were contributing to the "rape myth" - prejudicial or false beliefs about sexual assault victims that prove to undermine their credibility. Nychuk asked the woman why she didn't cry while she answered RCMP questions on recorded video.

The woman had wiped tears away.

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However, she told the court, "I was in shock and I don't think I could cry. A bit later, the defence lawyer said, "You could have just laid back, true?

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You could have resisted? Zielke, the prosecutor, said that line of questioning contributed to "rape myth" and conclusions that the Supreme Court has deemed unacceptable. Nychuk also pursued questions about the woman's weight - that she was 70 pounds heavier than the accused - and the style of her scream.

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In the police interview, the woman was asked to re-enact her scream. Nychuk suggested it could have been misinterpreted as a "pleasure scream.


Nikdima was born in Albania and spent most of his adult years in Greece before immigrating to Canada in With a Greek translator at his side, he told the court, "My English is not good. Nikdima gave a dramatically different version of the date than the woman.

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He insisted the woman instigated everything, including the walk outside the city, then oral, vaginal and anal sex inside the vehicle. Nikdima said that when police arrested him at his home, he had no idea what it was about and willingly gave a statement to RCMP, despite his lawyer's advice not to, because he had nothing to hide. The accused said he received a phone call from his beautiful ex-wife at the end of the date, and that the woman on the date may have been angry and jealous.

The Crown will cross-examine Nikdima Tuesday.

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