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But COVID being COVID, the dojo, along with everything else in Brooklyn, is closed. The roll gates are down and the chalkboard, bearing inspirational slogans, is folded up inside. And so I sit at home, watching old matches on FloGrappling and pining for the mat-but not all is lost.

By my mids, I had spent decades either on the mat or in the ring, moving from the more peaceful martial arts towards those of increasing violence. I started off with Aikido, then transitioned to wrestling in high school, then, as an adult, boxing, and ultimately Muay Thai, perhaps the most violent of striking modalities. You punch or get punched.

Muay Thai is even better. You can punch, knee, elbow, clench, and kick, too. Of course, that means being the object rather than the subject of those verbs, which hurts. These disciplines are glorious zero-sum games, a world of black-and-white, or rather black-and-blue. Though boxing and Muay Thai can be wonderfully transformative endeavors and hard sparring a baptism, I came to realize that what drew me to both was related to my borderline personality disorder, a mental illness with which I was diagnosed in For me, black-and-white thinking meant I was constantly chopping up interactions into freeze-frame moments which I would then categorize as good for me or bad for me.

This comported with both boxing and Muay Thai in which exchanges last just a few strikes.

Though long-range game plans exist in the higher echelons of the sport, in the types of sparring I was doing, you had only think of this punch and the next. Three minutes on. One minute rest.

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It was nasty, brutish, and short-exactly my cup of tea. That all changed when I started Brazilian jiu-jitsu three years ago. BJJ, as it's called, is a relative of judo, though one equipped with an array of joint locks and submissions and concerned not simply with getting an opponent to the ground but also what one does once there. It has, along with the rise of mixed martial arts, exploded in popularity in the last few years.

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Unlike striking arts, BJJ is made up of long molecules of technique. None of this I knew when I first bowed onto the mat at my local dojo in Brooklyn.

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Instead, I brought with me my penchant for zero-sum, black-and-white thinking, carried from fighting, both on the mat and off. Suffice to say, it did not go well. What level are your weapons?

getting my ass kicked online, any tips? User Info: smallfry smallfry 11 years ago #1. i always seem to get killed by someone shooting me in the back! its really annoying, and alotta times i can't even find the enemy, since the maps are so big, i dunno how ppl get like 30+ kills, hell i don't even encounter over 15 ppl in a picodent.coted Reading Time: 3 mins Definition of kicked your ass in the Idioms Dictionary. kicked your ass phrase. What does kicked your ass expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary Getting My Ass Kicked in Jiu-Jitsu Helped My Mental Health "The spiral has kept me sane and it isn't the first time it has saved my life." By Joshua David Stein. Apr 8, Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins

When I found myself in your situation during TVHM, I was usually using weapons that were levels below my current level. The damage on weapons scales up greatly as you level.

Also DW rocket launchers is pretty low DPS. I found vladof pistols to be good for sustained firing and relatively good reload speeds.

Getting my ass kicked - How Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Helped My Mental Health

Shotguns can give you massive burst damage and decent sustained DPS if you get some fast reloaders. Im mature Aussie gamer. Don't pay the ferry man.

Don't even fix a price. GT: Charon Gooseymayne posted Stuff that's breezed me through True Vault Hunter mode up until now.

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I have Launcher combo sufficient to kill constructors in seconds. I have pistol combos with high slag and high fire or corrosive damage i switch it out depending on the mission I have an 8k fire sniper rifle, a x 14 shotgun with a high fire rate hyperion My launcher combo is for when I'm having too much trouble, it one-shots everything I met in the game so far, except these badass mutants.

Get one's ass kicked definition is - to be to attacked and severely injured. How to use get one's ass kicked in a sentence

Nothing I do works it's really irritating. is there some trick? What are they most vulnerable to? charon78au posted Also DW rocket launchers is pretty low DPS They are Bandit launchers with 7 round magazines. I literally spam rockets and up until now it pretty much killed any boss in seconds.

But not these stupid things. User Info: WakeUpMrBubbles. Well I do remember this being fairly challenging but not nearly as bad as you describe. I think I was phaselocking them though for a majority of each fight so that probably made a big survivability difference. My advice is this, set your game to public and accept whatever help you randomly get.

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These guys aren't going to drop anything in danger of being 'ninja' looted so there's not much downside. I'd offer to help but you don't want a max level character to clear it for you so I'm not your guy.

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Public setting? What's the worst that could happen right? Oh, and if the worst does happen be sure to tell us about it.

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Public games are hilarious. Maybe you're screwed. GT: WakeUpMrBubbles.

I Got My Butt Kicked ??

User Info: Ravetown. I've played this game through quite a few times on TVHM with lots of characters. Those mutated badass Varkids are really hard unless you're armed to the teeth.

If they are a few levels below you, then they won't be doing enough damage for you. You need to keep upgrading your weapons throughout PT2. Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week. GT: Charon Boards. Borderlands 2. Getting my ass kicked this is absolutely insane Topic picodent.coted Reading Time: 6 mins Definition of kicking my ass in the Idioms Dictionary. kicking my ass phrase. What does kicking my ass expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The professor's speech today kind of kicked my ass and made me realize I need to start applying myself. 6. noun, rude slang Excellent or exceptional; awesome Radioactive: Road America - "Getting my (expletive) ass kicked." Radioactive from Road America for the NASCAR Cup Series for the Jockey Made In America

Yesterday I did a run with a 37 Siren on a team of one 36 and 2 other 37s and people were dying left and right. It's not just you. Ravetown posted be ready for opponents hoping to flank your team.

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sometimes just let an ally go ahead of you around the corner. if he dies, then either grenade if its an enclosed space or just turn around and pick another route you will usually not get the jump on someone who could be anywhere around the corner esp someone already focused on that area never ever take the same route more than two times if you keep dying. More topics from this board Online play : dead?

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How can you and a friend join the same public Match from different machines? General 2 Answers How do u change the difficulty in campaign? General 3 Answers I can't play with any of my friends online because it says "unable to connect to host". Whats wrong? Tech Support 5 Answers What is the IW best time?

Plot 3 Answers How do I lock on with Rocket Launchers? Side Quest 4 Answers. Ask A Question.

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User Info: smallfry smallfry 11 years ago 1 i always seem to get killed by someone shooting me in the back! User Info: FlamingRasengan FlamingRasengan 11 years ago 2 Learn the maps and the guns. User Info: smallfry smallfry Topic Creator 11 years ago 4 yeah i'm having a lotta difficulty adjusting to these maps so far User Info: mastahjebus mastahjebus 11 years ago 6 I'd recommend the following weapons, attachments, and perks : AR: Tar 21, M4A1, SCAR SMG: P90, UMP Sniper Rifle: Barret.

User Info: jackofblades34 jackofblades34 11 years ago 7 Learn the ins and outs of the maps. User Info: jackofblades34 jackofblades34 11 years ago 8 I'd recommend the following weapons, attachments, and perks : I have a couple issues with your set-up but that is opinion at work User Info: Vizeroth Vizeroth 11 years ago 9 I'd recommend watching all of your kill cams.

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Who remembers when I thought I was the best sniper on this board? Milkman Gotteth: Modern Warfare 2.

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I'm so good at this game people hacked me to stop. How do u change the difficulty in campaign?

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