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Stunning listeners with her emotional candor, Van Etten sang songs about abusive relationships, love and self-discovery. She has since grown as a musician, moving into scoring and blending cinematic elements with rock music. For over a decade, Annie Clark has traversed different styles and sounds, and is equally at home in singer-songwriter mode as she is recording avant-rock concept albums with David Byrne. A musical shape-shifter, Clark takes on a new persona with each album. But her rebellious spirit and deep connection with her fans has never waned.Female anal sex video.

While I like Patti Smith, is she really deserving of the top spot? No way she deserved the top spot. That most certainly belonged to Ann Wilson.

Heart broke so many barriers and sounded incredible doing it. So many top 40 hits and top tens too. No one they have listed as ranked better than her deserved to be above her on the list. Not even Stevie who I would put at the number two spot.

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Yes, she has such a lovely voice! and when they harmonize with each other is is a thing of absolute glory.

Lesley Rankine, Kat Bjelland Courtney Love, PJHarvey and Sleater Kinney are the top5easy! I dont inderstand Patti Smith is anyone even talking about her anymore?

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Pretty sure Stevie Nicks should be 1 since shes making Rick History as a female. How is Amy Lee of Evanescence not in the top 5 on this list? How is it Amy Lee is not on this list at all? Way to invalidate your list.

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Amy Lee should definitely be in the top five! Any list that has Courtney Love on it, should have Amy Lee far ahead. Amy has a powerful voice and is the most consistent as well. Paramore is Trash Garbage, Patti is a great songwriter but shes not a top singer, more of a rock Poet, certainly not higher than Stevie, Kathleen Hannah from Bikini Kill is Trash, shes just a shittier version of Belinda Carlisle. Kim Deal did one fucking song on that Pixies album, good writer not a great singer I mean shes ok but fuck you hipsters are idiots.

The B 52s? Vincent is ok but GREAT I dont think so, basically you just put a bunch of GenZ Lesbians on a list and put Stevie Nicks and Benatar in the mix to make it look legit, this list is shit, trash, garbage. You might be one of the biggest ignoramuses on the face of this planet.

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Kim Deal contributed to more than one song in the Pixies, and she had four albums with the Breeders. Oh, so close, you were only off by three generations. Also, Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar are every bit as overrated as St. Vincent is. They are boomers themselves and part of the Gen-x Music. No Ronstadt? Great pipes, great bands - so she had dozens of pop hits -still a rock chick. Linda Ronstadt had the absolute finest voice and vocal style in multiple genres.

The super star among superstars.

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Huge voice and a beauty to boot. Not as terrible as most of these charts but you have to admit that those first girls are just honorable mention because there are no contemporary girl or no girl rock singers that are any good or bands in the first place.

You cold go worse by putting Yoko Ono instead but not by much. Insult to injury is putting someone so pretentions and full of shit as No. Missing Floor Jansen from Nightwish and Amy Winehouse both on top threeand maybe Suzi Quatro. Seriously, what idiot wrote this? With a career spanning 45 years and still going, 18 Albums, plus 1 live and 18 compilation albums offering over 50 singles, Regular TV appearances and the following awards, Bravo Otto Gold for female singer Gold for female singer Bronze for female singer Bronze for female singer Bronze for female singer Silver for female singer In AprilBBC TV selected as one of twelve Queens of British Pop.

Awarded honorary doctorate at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK on October 19, Credited with being the first lead female Bass player and one of the most influential Rock chicks by most recognised authorities.

You mention Alice Bag which is greatbut then neglect Patricia Morrison aka Pat Bag also of The Bags and Sisters of Mercy? This list is also missing Kate Bush, Nico, Exene Cervenka, Poly Styrene, Kim Shattuck, Corin Tucker, Kat Bjelland, Lene Lovich, Bjork, Kim Gordon, Johnette Napolitano, Ari Up.

Any of these would be FAR better picks than Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani, Pat Benatar, or any of those newer artists you listed. This list is totally dumb. Pat Benatar should be in the top 3, along with Ann Wilson. They were TOTAL pioneers in the industry. Very few of the other women listed have the pipes or the rocking sound like Pat or Ann in their early years Joan Jett at 3? Yes, she plays guitar, but WTH, the woman had what, 3 major rock and roll hits?

And Patti Smith 1? Where is Alanis Morrissette? And Janis Joplin influenced ALL the women in the list, therefore, she should be number 1. No Linda Ronstadt?

This list shit without her. Hes is top 3 AT LEAST. To not be on the top of any female singer list is a complete travisty. Haha Ann Wilson not even in the top 10?!!!! Even Cindy Wilson and Belinda Carlisle should have a shout.

What a horrible fucking list. Where are Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Big Mama Thornton, Ruth Brown, Lavern Baker, Etta James, Linda Jones and Martha Reeves? Penelope Huston? Dinah Cancer?

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Julianne Regan all About Eve? Lisa Kekaula? Gitane Demone?

Danielle Dax? Florence Welch? Exene Cervenka? Annie Lennox? Inger Lorre? Poly Styrene? Pauline Black? Kirsty MacColl? Texas Terri? Texacala Jones? Tina Lucchesi? Suzi Quatro? WOOOOW,I hope that that this not this authors day job! At first I thought that it might just be his ears,but when I got to number9,number9 sorry I realized it was also a soulless taste.

Chrissie Hynde,Joan Jet and Stevie Nicks all ranked higher than Janis,Ooooouch! Linda Ronstadt definitely an oversight.

ideal answer sorry

Also Carole King a major songwriter of the 60s and 70s as well as singer. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Search uDiscover Music. Related Topics: Bikini Kill Blondie Heart Janis Joplin L7 No Doubt PJ Harvey Rock Siouxsie And The Banshees St. Vincent The B's The Cranberries The Pretenders The Runaways uDiscover Lists Women To The Front Women To The Front Featured Women's History Month Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Aerial March 11, at am. Surely Chrissy Amphlett deserves a mention.

Greg Andrew March 16, at am. Danielle Gnidziejko March 22, at am. TheShape April 3, at am.

Johnette Napolitano. And SHAME on you for not remembering or knowing these two names But now you do. Michael Lewandowski April 3, at pm. Linda Ronstadt was better than most everyone on this list. Steve Seeds April 20, at pm. How could u leave Bonnie Raitt out?! Tsk, tsk.

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Quonk March 11, at pm. Stodo March 12, at am. Rick Henry March 12, at pm. Stonge March 12, at pm.

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Mikey September 29, at am. You forgot Johnette Napolitano from Concrete Blond.

Michael March 16, at pm. Juan Camilo Arango March 21, at am. What about Sandy Denny who did an important role in an important Led Zeppelin tune? Lynne January 6, at am. Jim F. March 11, at pm. Karen Belk July 14, at am. Linda Rondstad should be on here! Murray Sisler January 11, at am. Where are Kim Darby, Holly Woods, Amanda Marshall, Carole Pope and Allanah Myles? Oh yeah - primarily known in. Should all be on this list.

Lil Jon - Snap Yo Fingers (feat. E-40, Sean Paul of Youngbloodz) (Official Music Video)

hvhh March 11, at pm. what a bunch of crap list? half of them have awful rock voices! Roguebama August 29, at pm. Inthesix March 12, at am. Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde Peaches.

Chris N March 21, at pm. John H. March 12, at pm.

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I agree that Lina Rhondstadt was a major ommission. So are Kate Bush and Madonna. Lemmy March 12, at pm. Brian Patrick March 17, at am. Drodb March 12, at pm. newwavepop March 12, at pm. also its really awesome you mention Alice Bag she never gets any credit she deserves. Chris Yates March 12, at pm. Heart was not behind any rock anthems in the 60s.

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Second, this vibe comes in two parts: a bullet vibe and a ravishly-ridged finger-sheath that the vibe can be inserted into. So you can use it as a finger vibrator or your can take the bullet vibe out and use it in a harness during pegging or strap-on play. See More: The Best Bullet Vibrators For Anywhere, Anytime Pleasure. com Lifestyle Sex and Love These Finger Vibrators Make Literally Every Sex Act Better.

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