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Three naked women were spotted Wednesday afternoon at the northbound Interstate 75 rest stop area in Wesley Chapel, just south of State Road What unfolded next, according to the Florida Highway Patrol, was not just another bizarre tale of the Sunshine State. The women led troopers on an hour-long chase across east Pasco, drove the wrong way, tried to drive over a trooper and threatened another with a pink and purple metal baseball bat, according to the Highway Patrol. PASCO COVERAGE: Ex-Port Richey mayor Dale Massad used crack cocaine and meth, new records show. ALSO READ: Florida Man Challenge: Which ridiculous headline matches your birthday? The incident ended about 21 miles away in Dade City, when troopers said they rammed the vehicle off the road in a school zone, stunned one of the women with a Taser and arrested all three.Fat young school girl.

The driver was identified as year-old Oasis Shakira McLeod and the passengers as two years-olds, Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Eunique Young. All three face charges that include aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, fleeing to elude and indecent exposure.

Their arrest reports detail Wednesday's events: It started when a rest stop custodian called the Highway Patrol at a. He said he saw "all three of them, standing in the nude, putting on suntan lotion.

Female high jump nude - Three naked women were spotted at a Pasco rest stop. Then came the high-speed pursuit.

A trooper arrived at a. and saw the naked women from the rest stop parking lot. They started dressing when they saw the trooper.

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Oasis McLeod told the trooper they were "air drying" after washing up. The trooper saw they had a case of water and a bottle of soap. Oasis McLeod said they had left Cecilia Young's father's house in Lutz after an altercation and spent the night in the rest stop because they had no where else to go.

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The women gave the trooper their names and dates of birth, but ignored the trooper's commands to say put. Leave, leave, leave. Then she told the trooper they "were going to walk away. All three women ran around the trooper, jumped into a white Nissan Sentra with a New York state license plate. Oasis McLeod was the driver as the car sped off - forcing a pedestrian to jump out of the road as they sped out of the rest stop. They got on northbound Interstate 75 and headed for State Road The trooper started speeding after them but her superiors called her off because the circumstances did not meet Highway Patrol's pursuit policy.

ALSO READ: This site developed a Florida Man scoring system. Tampa Bay has four of its top 10 all-time stories. A driver on I called and followed the Nissan to S.

Another trooper found the Nissan, reported seeing it drive the wrong way, then head east on S. A trooper managed to fire a GPS tracker onto the fleeing Nissan, which officials said allowed them to back off the pursuit. Highway Patrol dispatchers in Tampa started tracking the car and radioing its position to troopers. The Nissan pulled up to a gas station at S. Two troopers jumped out of their cruiser and ordered the Nissan to stop. It drove off. One trooper drove off after it while the other ran after the fleeing woman.

WATCH IT: A naked woman wandering through Miami International airport. The year-old is now in custody and undergoing a mental health evaluation Three naked women were spotted at a Pasco rest stop. Then came the high-speed pursuit. From left: Oasis Shakira McLeod, 18 and two year-olds, Jeniyah McLeod and Cecilia Eunique Young, were all In some cases, this involved what came to be called the "nude parade," as each woman appeared, underpants down, helping male and female athletes jump higher and run faster

That trooper tussled with the woman - it was Young, the trooper said, who kicked, scratched and hit him - and just as he got her on the ground he said he saw the Nissan driving at him. He jumped out of the way, then said Jeniyah McLeod got out of the car and threatened him with a metal bat.

Seeing one trooper in danger, the other trooper used his cruiser to ram the back of the Nissan. The women all got in the Nissan and drove off again.

Record Name Date; College Best: Brigetta Barrett - Arizona: m: 5/11/ NCAA Meet: Amy Acuff - UCLA: m: 6/3/ Hayward: Anna Chicherova - RUS

It fled east on S. but ran over a tire-deflation device place on the road by Dade City police officers, blowing out the right-side tires. The pursuit finally ended when the Nissan entered an active school zone outside Pasco High School, troopers said, while students were crossing S.

One of the pursuing troopers was authorized to use the "PIT maneuver" - Pursuit Intervention Technique - and used the front end of his cruiser to knock the Nissan off the road at S. But the women refused to leave the Nissan and instead locked arms, trooper said.

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A trooper used a Taser to stun one of them. The driver, Oasis McLeod, then surrendered. The women all invoked their rights not to speak to troopers. Oasis McLeod agreed to perform field sobriety exercises, troopers said, and appeared to be impaired.

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Patino became the first athlete to formally protest the chromosome test and to argue that disqualification was unjustified. After nearly three years, the I. agreed that without being able to use testosterone, her body had no advantage, and it reinstated Patino. But by then, her hopes for making the Olympics were dashed.

Dutee Chand was only 4 when she started running, tagging along with her sister, Saraswati, a competitive runner who liked to practice sprints along the local Brahmani River.

Saraswati found training boring, so she recruited Dutee, 10 years her junior, to keep her company. When Dutee was about 7, her parents pressed her to stop running and learn to weave instead. Saraswati, who has since become a police officer, reminded her parents of the benefits her own running had brought to the family. And she reminded them of the prize money she brought home whenever she did well in marathons.

They agreed to let Dutee run. The ride took three hours, frequently picking up passengers carrying goats or chickens and large bundles.

Womens High Jump - Romanian Athletics - National Championships Bucarest 2021

When Saraswati gave Dutee the sneakers the next morning, Saraswati told me over the phone through a translator, Dutee yelped. She asked if she would go abroad like me, and said she had never sat in a bus or a train, and asked where the money will come from for her to go abroad. So run! Food, lodging and training were covered. And she was happy she could send prize money to her parents.

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Stephens, right, narrowly beat Walsh in the meter dash at the Berlin Olympics. Both were rumored to be male impostors. The first athlete to protest the tests.

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Her reinstatement came too late for her career. Stripped of a medal won at the Asian Games, the humiliated Indian runner attempted suicide. After her sex-test results were leaked, the I. faced human rights complaints and heavy criticism. The previous decade, the I. and I. yielded to pressure by the medical and scientific community and stopped sex-testing every female athlete. Some of her results were leaked to the media. Rejected by the local sports federations, stripped of her silver medal, tormented by ongoing scrutiny and unbearably embarrassed, she attempted suicide, reportedly by swallowing poison.

As Chand began competing in national athletics, another runner from a poor rural village, this time in South Africa, burst onto the international athletic stage.

When Caster Semenya blew by her opponents in the meter race at the African Junior Championships, her performance raised suspicions.

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Shortly after, sports officials tested her as she prepared for the World Athletics Championship. Unconcerned - she assumed the investigation was for doping - Semenya won gold again. Almost immediately, the fact that Semenya had been sex-tested was leaked to the press.

Instead of attending what is normally the celebratory news conference, Semenya went into hiding. The I. spokesman Nick Davies announced that if Semenya was an impostor, she could be stripped of her medal. For me, she is not a woman. She is a man.

After nearly a year of negotiations the details of which are not public the I. cleared Semenya to run inand she went on to win the silver medal in the Olympics.

She will be running in Rio. But the federation still faced condemnation over leaks, public smears and the very idea of a sex test. This entails having her undescended testes surgically removed or taking hormone-suppressing drugs.

The women, who were between 18 and 21, agreed to the procedure. The physicians treating them also recommended surgically reducing their large clitorises to make them look more typical. Chand was unaware of any controversy surrounding Semenya or other intersex athletes. Her gender concerns were much more immediate: She saw other year-old girls becoming curvier and heard them talk about getting their periods. InChand advanced to a national-level athletic training program, which in addition to food and lodging provided a stipend.

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At 16, she also became a national champion in the under category, winning the meters in The next year, she won gold in the meters and the meters. In Juneshe won gold yet again at the Asian championships in Taipei.

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Not long after that, she received the call to go to Delhi and was tested. For days, Chand cried inconsolably and refused to eat or drink. I am a human being, but I felt I was an animal. I wondered how I would live with so much humiliation.

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As news spread that Chand had been dropped from the national team, advocates encouraged her to fight back. Payoshni Mitra, an Indian researcher with a doctorate in gender issues in sport who had advocated on behalf of other intersex athletes, suggested Chand send a letter to the Athletics Federation of India, requesting her disqualification be reversed.

I was born a woman, reared up as a woman, I identify as a woman and I believe I should be allowed to compete with other women, many of whom are either taller than me or come from more privileged backgrounds, things that most certainly give them an edge over me. Mitra and others also urged Chand to take her case to the international Court of Arbitration for Sport - the Supreme Court for sports disputes - arguing that the I.

She agreed. Female athletes, intersex and not, wondered just how this case would affect their lives. Madeleine Pape, a Olympian from Australia, testified for Chand. Pape had heard runners complain that Semenya was a man or had male-like advantages, and she was angry that Semenya seemed to win so easily.

The year-old woman was seen walking nude through the Miami International Airport on Monday night. (AP) According to CBS Miami, the woman is reportedly Results: Women High Jump (Final)Progression: - - - - then 3cm. Place Athlete Affiliation Best Jump Flight (Pl) 1: Madeline FAGAN: JR: Georgia: m (?) 1 (1) 2: Tatiana Becoming Britain's first female Olympic high jump medallist might seem a tall order - but don't rule out GB's rising star from reaching new heights

But inPape began work on a sociology Ph. focusing on women in sport. Just what role testosterone plays in improving athletic performance is still being debated. At the hearing, both sides agreed that synthetic testosterone - doping with anabolic steroids - does ramp up performance, helping male and female athletes jump higher and run faster. witnesses testified that logic suggests that natural testosterone is likely to work the way its synthetic twin does. They pointed to decades of I.

testing showing that a disproportionate number of elite female athletes, particularly in track and field, have XY chromosomes; by their estimates, the presence of the Y chromosome in this group is more than times higher than it is among the general female population.

Surely, witnesses for the I. argued, that overrepresentation indicated that natural testosterone has an outsize influence on athletic prowess. At the Atlanta Games inone of the few times the I. In court, the I. also conceded that no research had actually proved that unusually high levels of natural testosterone lead to unusually impressive sports performance in women either. In fact, the I.

Kidd, a Canadian who has long pushed for gender equity in sports, noted that there are also many external variables that influence performance: access to excellent coaching, training facilities, healthy nutrition and so on. But the I.

argued that testosterone is different from other factors, because it is responsible for the performance gap between the sexes. That gap is the very reason sports is divided by sex, the I. says, so regulating testosterone is therefore justified. Implicitly, it questioned the decades of relentless scrutiny of female athletes - especially the most successful ones.

But she was irked that despite the many advances of female athletes in the last half-century, powerful male athletes are celebrated and powerful female ones are suspect.

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Critics of the I. policy argue that if sports officials were truly concerned about fairness, they would quit policing a handful of women with naturally high testosterone and instead rigorously investigate athletes suspected of taking drugs that indisputably enhance performance. They note that in the last year, the I. has faced bribery and blackmail charges and widespread allegations that it intentionally ignored hundreds of suspicious blood tests.

Stephane Bermon, an I. has to do its best to ensure a level playing field.

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These two topics are different but can lead to the same consequence, which is the impossibility for a dedicated athlete to compete and succeed against an opponent who benefits from an unfair advantage. The three-judge panel concluded that although natural testosterone may play some role in athleticism, just what that role is, and how influential it is, remains unknown. As a result, the judges said that the I.

The judges concluded that requiring women like Chand to change their bodies in order to compete was unjustifiably discriminatory. The panel suspended the policy until July to give the I.

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