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This was in the 's, and the reason given for not allowing the boys to wear suits, was to keep the pool cleaner. It is interesting to note that as many of you ma know nudity was common in gymnastics, and athletics in ancient Greece, this again wa mainly done by men and boys, however the more liberal city-state of Sparta, did have female gym classes in the nude as well. A couple of friends of mine went to Greece, and they had re-enactments of nude olympic games again with men. I believe that he etymologies of the words gymnasium and gymnastics have something to do with nudity. Someone did eventually complain, however,and the woman was fired.Free teen ass fuckers.

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Someone did eventually complain, however,and the woman was fired. I certainly wouldn't complain about a female nude lifeguard, but sadly, I know some people might, even though at times, their complaints are a bit hypocritical.

So much for the OFFICIAL response. The unofficial one is that at the Pasadena, CAlif YMCA and at the YWCA down the street, nude swimming in the 60's was the norm.

It was also the norm at the LAPD Academy in the early 60's.

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No, there was no mixed gender useage at either place. Mike B. No School district would allow that, period. Even in the 60's. It doesn't make sense to me either, but those were the 's, and things were a lot more sexist.

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More likely just an application of a double standard, all boys skinnydipping is ok, girls no way. However, if Bill will be satisfied with the Boys' Club and the National Public Health Service, here are relevent regulations and recommendations.

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Copyright There are eleven of these. I will quote only three: 2.

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Require all swimmers to take a cleansing shower bath in the nude with warm water and soap followed by a careful rinse before entering the pool. Permit boys to swim only in the nude.

If girls and women use the pool, require sterilized wool or cotton suits of undyed fabric or material tested for color fastness, and rubber bathing caps. Bathing suits should be cared for by the swimming pool management.

In the discussion of physical pool facilities, there are frequent references to "Report of the Joint Committee on Bathing Places," U. Treasury Department, Public Health Service, Supplement No. I found the version in the public library, as follows: From "Recommended Practices for Design, Equipment and Operation of Swimming Pools and Other Public Bathing Places" by the Joint Committee on Bathing Places of the American Public Health Association and the Conference of State Sanitary Engineers, 10th Edition,p.

In nearly everyone accepted double standards about nearly everything involving boys and girls.

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That's of course an oversimplification. There was, I'm sure, a lot of resentment among women about the lack of equal pay for equal work.

But the culture I grew up in I was born in in Kansas City, Missouri was not aware of the issues that would be raised in the next decades about feminism and sexual equality.

Boys were supposed to be tough little soldiers. I suspect that one of the reasons why boys were raised to be tolerant of all-male nudity was in order to be prepared for the lack of privacy inherent in military service.

Please Like Share And Subscribe.#lifeguard #girl_lifeguard #pool_lifeguards#discover_life_path #beach_lifeguardsTAGSlifeguards rescue,lifeguards rudy,lifegua the swimmers were male, he says that they once hired a female lifeguard, who started working in the nude, the story states that the swimmers and the lifeguard got along well, and none of the swimmers seemed to be bothered by the woman's picodent.coe did eventually complain, however,and the woman was fired And I wouldn't like a lifeguard watching me. Too weird. Nat. 15K Nat. 15K Post Oct 17, #2 T Our school didn't have a pool but when I took swimming lessons at the Y in our instructor (the aquatic director) was a man of about 25 and was nude as picodent.coted Reading Time: 8 mins

Girls were to be protected and shielded from anything that might be unpleasant or upsetting. Few girls were encouraged, or even allowed, to be athletically active apart from some basic physical education classes; the few who insisted on it were called "tomboys" as if a predilection for sports cancelled out all their femininity. If there was any interscholastic competition for girls' teams I don't remember it.

I remember being told that in the girls' locker rooms they had individual shower stalls with curtains; we boys got one big shower area with multiple shower spray nozzles. I don't think we felt deprived, or felt that they were being unusually coddled; that's just the way things were done.

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It was a double standard, and in the 30's they probably feared that the girls might be shocked by that, and the it was also probably an indirect way of teaching them to be "modest"epecially considering the nearly victorian style of swim wear that girls wore in those days. I can see in a pool, the cleanliness issue, but why in lake?

My Dad told me that when his high school had nude swimming that they had to shower before hand. I do not know.

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In those days early sin THEN very conservative San Diego, children did not ask "Why? I can only guess, but that guess would be to level the playing field amoung those who brought up suits and those who did not.

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My second guess was that the folks at the Y wanted the city kids to have an "Old swimmin' hole" experience. I remember one fellow crying because he did not want to go in nude.

I believe he was worried about a whipping when he got home for doing it.

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I would have had one too, but I never told my mother and just enjoyed the swim. There was a cold water shower on the dock over the lake where we would rinse after swiming, but not before. At bridge tonight I and my partner got to talking about summer camp at a YMCA camp.

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He and his wife worked at a summer camp during college. This was in Ohio.


He said half the summer was boys the other half was girls. The boys simming was always nude and the girls could go nude if they wanted to. He said many of the younger girls swam nude but as the girls got older more and more wore bathings suits.

A female lifeguard makes a rescue in a rip current at the beach He's a lifeguard at Hanlan's Point, a stretch of beach on Toronto Island that includes the city's only "clothing optional" public bathing area. As a year-old Ryerson engineering Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins For more information, please visit picodent.co

He is in his 70's so that wuold have been in the 50's. Alongside Sweeney are Jacki Kicksee and Joe Wevers, each clad in red windbreakers to identify them as lifeguards.

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It serves as a perch from which the guards scan their territory, holler through their megaphone and scamper out into the waves on their surf board or wooden paddle boat, something they do every time a beachgoer ventures into the lake. But weird stuff can happen.

A recurring cast of characters that frequent the nude beach, and often approach their lifeguard tower to chat.

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One of them approached the lifeguards moments later, a middle-aged man wearing nothing but a fanny pack and black Indiana Jones-style hat. Another memorable character is the Pizza Guy. They all laugh when his name comes up.

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Kicksee added that many of the people are in their 20s. Families with kids also come to visit the beach. The university students have each spent several summers on the beach as seasonal workers with the Toronto Police lifeguarding servicewhich staffs municipal beaches.

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In fact, aside from heat exhaustion, the biggest dangers on the beach are swimming when the wind whips up the waves or the water is cold, the lifeguards cautioned. But for the most part, they enjoy coming out to the island every day for work.

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