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Here are the 11 most WTF scenes involving naked villainy. Everyone Who Gets Naked in the Terminator - The Terminator Franchise. Why do Terminators or humans have to be naked to travel back in time? Why is that a rule? It doesn't make any sense to send them back in time naked - if they can go back in time, SO CAN THEIR CLOTHES. The nudity leads to so many WTF scenes - from the confrontation with Punk Bill Paxton to the naked biker bar scene, to the Terminator Salvation moment where a naked CG Arnold just comes flying out of a locked room. There is a lot of WTF nudity in the Terminator series.Female touching cocks.

And though it's unknown what chaos she'll wreak in season two, it's certain to be deadly for any humans in her path.

Longtime DC Comics villainess Harley Quinn will be hitting the big screen in "Suicide Squad" inbut the film has already caused a sensation at Comic-Con, where its trailer was leaked prematurely. This won't be the last high-profile bad thing that happens involving the longtime Batman nemesis. A psychiatrist-turned-supervillain who doesn't shrink from danger, Harley Margot Robbie is sure to be a world of trouble as she carouses in the film with known associate and sometime BF, The Joker Jared Leto.

Jefferson Reid Sept. Powerful women, nasty motives Comics, TV and movies are full of fabulous female villains right now. Lexa of "The " "Victory stands on the back of sacrifice. Jeanine Matthews of 'Insurgent' "You can kill him if you want. We have plenty of guards. The Girl of 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night' "I'm bad. Helena of 'Orphan Black' "In Ukraine, I was police detective.

Uma Thurman stars as Dr. Pamela Isley, working in the jungles of South America in 's Batman & Robin. After stumbling across her partner's plans for world domination she is disgusted, and so kills her by pushing her ino venom samples, with the chemicals cooking the ground and burying her into the picodent.coted Reading Time: 4 mins 15 of the most powerful female villains right now A woman's deadly work is never done, and these female villains carry out their labors very This page contains a list of all female characters who are also villains. So far, we have 2, female characters who are categorized as Villains. If you see a female villain who is not listed here, please use the Gender and Alignment fields of the character template to add them

I shot many criminals. Regina Mills of 'Once Upon a Time' "There is no happiness left for me in this life. Maya Lewis of 'Scandal' "I'd rather be a traitor than what you are. Cersei Lannister of 'Game of Thrones' "Everyone who isn't us is an enemy.

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Rachel Duncan of 'Orphan Black' "My name is Rachel Duncan and we are going to come to terms. Kara of 'Furious 7' "You're not that charming, bitch. Lizzie Borden of 'The Lizzie Borden Chronicles' "I cut my losses.

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The Witch of 'Into the Woods' If a grotesque witch with '80s hair isn't scary enough, how about one that sings? Scarlet Overkill of 'Minions' "Doesn't it feel so good to be bad? Maleficent of 'Maleficent' "I like you begging.

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Do it again. Niska of 'Humans' "You should be scared of me! Harley Quinn of 'Suicide Squad' Longtime DC Comics villainess Harley Quinn will be hitting the big screen in "Suicide Squad" inbut the film has already caused a sensation at Comic-Con, where its trailer was leaked prematurely.

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Cassie Stripped Naked. History Talk 0.

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watch Do you like this video? Play Sound. Greedy villainess Cassie Cassie Sarah Allen was the main protagonist and villainess of the film Stripped Naked.

There are plenty of close-ups of Gloria Swanson's face in Sunset Boulevar many of them unsettling. Swanson's performance is eerie and hyper-stylized - all bulging eyes and claw-like fingers. Swanson's acting is at least partially informed by the silent movie era from which she became famous. Director Billy Wilder set out to make a noir drama about a faded Hollywood star, so he hired himself a faded Hollywood star.

Ultron really got naked in Brian Michael Bendis' run on The Mighty Avengers when he took on a female form based on that of Janet Van Dyne. This new body was far more anatomically correct than his normal skin. When Ultron was reborn in a female body, she Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains. Counting down the most provocative bad girls to hit the big screen in the last 30 years. 1 of Glenn Close as Alex Forrest ('Fatal Attraction')Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins Nude Category page View source The villainess appears nude at some point in the fictional work. Front, rear, or side shots can apply, regardless of whether nipples or genitalia are visible/drawn. Trending pages Claire (Faust: Love Of The Damned) Dallas (Thursday) Reika Kitami (Bible Black) Etsuko Yamanobe (Foxy Nudes)

In Sunset Boulevar Swanson plays Norma Desmond, forgotten star of the silent films. Desmond spends her days dreaming about her great return to the big screen. She hires cynical screenwriter Joe Gillis William Holden to fix a screenplay for her great come-back epic Salome.

Female villains naked - The 15 Hottest Female Marvel Villains . TheRichest

It's through his eyes that we witness all of Desmond's bitterness, sadness, anger and, eventually, insanity. At the end, her madness makes her both pathetic and awesome and we believe Desmond when she claims that she's still big and it's the movies that got small.

O-Ren Ishii Lucy Liu used to be one of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad - a group of contract killers employed by the mysterious criminal known only as Bill David Carradine.

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Over the years, some of Deadly Vipers lost themselves to alcoholism like Budd Michael Madsen while others withdrew into a quiet domestic life like Vernita Green Vivica A. But O-Ren had other plans. Since her days as an assassin, O-Ren has carved - literally - her place in the traditionally male-dominated world of Japanese Yakuza. We only get to see couple of scenes from her past in Kill Bill: Volume 1but even that is enough to make us wish for an entire movie about O-Ren's rise to power.

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From all the villains targeted by The Bride Uma Thurmanshe's by far the most dangerous. After the epic showdown between and The Bride and O-Ren Ishii, it's no wonder that Kill Bill: Volume 2 can feel like something of a letdown. Cliches are cliches for a reason. Ask anyone to tell you how a witch looks like and there's a good chance they'll describe you Margaret Hamilton's Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz : black clothes, pointy hat, huge nose and a flying broom.

Hamilton is great as a shrill-voiced spinster Almira Gulch, who wants to get Dorothy Gale's Judy Garland dog Toto destroyed for biting her finger.

But when the story moves to Oz, Hamilton gets to play an even juicier villain. The Wicked Witch of the West ostensibly wants to avenge the death of her sister. But what she really wants are her sister's ruby red slippers, now worn by Dorothy.

We already covered the witches, but there's still plenty of great villainy in the Screen Rant's list of the 15 Best Female Movie Villains Of All Time. 15 Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty There's plenty of great villains in Disney's rogues gallery but of late, one of them has gained more attention than her rivals - the evil sorceress Maleficent from the Disney animated film Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins

After trying to intimidate Dorothy and then sabotaging her quest to reach the Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch sends out an army of nightmarish flying monkeys to capture them. Don't let the revisionists fool you with Wicked and Oz, the Great and Powerful - the Wicked Witch of the West is rightfully recognized as one of the most iconic villains in movie history!

The bad news for successful novelist Paul Sheldon James Caan is that he just had a traffic accident in the middle of wilderness. The good news is that he's been saved by a trained nurse Annie Wilkes Kathy Bateswho just happens to be a great fan of Sheldon's romance novels about a Regency-era heroine named Misery.

Now, some additional bad news for Paul is that Annie is crazy and gets even crazier after she learns of Sheldon's plans to kill off Misery in his next novel. So Paul will write Annie a whole new novel and heaven help him if she isn't pleased with it. Published inthe psychological horror novel Misery was fueled by Stephen King's struggle with addiction and doubts in his own work.

The novel was a success and, three years later, director Rob Reiner helmed a movie adaptation. Reiner creates a claustrophobic horror utterly dominated by Kathy Bates' Annie Wilkes who is, in turns, both ridiculously quaint and scarily sadistic. This powerful performance by Bates rightfully won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Sentenced to a prison, small-time criminal Randle McMurphy Jack Nicholson manages to get himself sent to an insane asylum instead, hoping to avoid hard labor.

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Soon enough, his reckless behavior makes him popular among patients, particularly young Billy Bibbit Brad Dourif. However, all of them live in fear of the sadistic Nurse Mildred Ratched Louise Fletcher. With her bland appearance and calm demeanor, there's seemingly nothing villainous about Nurse Ratched.

Cassie (Sarah Allen) was the main protagonist and villainess of the film Stripped Naked. She was a stripper at a club known as Tease and the girlfriend of mechanic Jack, with the film opening with the two in the midst of a heated argument that ended when Jack forced Cassie out of his truck to walk home. Introduction & Events Emma Frost is certainly the hottest female villain in the Marvel universe. We've seen this character appear in live-action form when actress January Jones played her in X-Men: First Class. Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen, was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne. She first appeared in Uncanny X-Men # as a picodent.coted Reading Time: 8 mins The good guys (and horny teens) aren't the only ones shedding their clothes in science fiction and fantasy stories - but when villains get naked, it's often really weird and/or traumatizing

However, in a true-to-life manner of bureaucratic bullies everywhere, Ratched uses hospital rules to intimidate the patients and punish any sign of their disobedience. She meets her nemesis in chaotic McMurphy, but Nurse Ratched has an entire hospital system at her side. Directed by Milos Forman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was based on a novel by the American writer and the counter culture icon Ken Kesey.

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The movie won four Academy Awards, including Best Actress for Louise Fletcher's performance as Nurse Ratched. Can you think of any other femmes fatales who should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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