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While we didn't get to see the full-on action between Ryan Gosling 's and Emma Stone 's characters in Gangster Squa even the postcoital makeout session was so sexy we had to include it. They left the rest to our imaginations. by Kelsie Gibson 2 hours ago. by Danielle Jackson 5 hours ago. by Angelica Wilson 5 hours ago.Faune a chambers nude.

Helloooooo, Nurse! Animaniacs was a series full of throwback gags to the golden age of animation and Hollywood, and it turned an old vaudeville phrase into an hourglass-figured hottie that served as a nurse for the Warner Bros.

Comment and Save. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Comic Vine users. This process takes no more than a Here, I'm reverting back to the days of maturity-lite pre-pubescence to rank the 20 hottest animated females of all-time-ish. Such a highfalutin concept does come with a few admissions #PrisonBae: Move Over Sarah Seawright, This Woman Arrested in Just a Bra Is Your New Gangsta Boo The reason for her half-naked arrest is equally as crazy as her attire. PUBLISHED ON: JULY 14 Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins

Believe it or not, the only movie studio nurse on this list. Seriously, her cape did a better job of covering things. She was smart, powerful, agile, and had her own talking unicorn that would allow nerve-wracking sex in the clouds. I mean, she is married to the doltish Barney. Bedrock slang for hottie: rock-beautiful.

Incidentally, Child Me also thought that teenager Pebbles from The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show was a looker, but Adult Me felt like I was doing something wrong by looking at pictures of her now. History cleared, except for Betty. Where You Know Her From: Super Friends Have you ever wanted to join the Mile High Club in an invisible jet, soaring over whatever landmarks or music festival happens to be out there? In all honesty, just about every version of Catwoman out there is the epitome of sexiness.

But no animated version will ever look better on all-fours than the Selina Kyle introduced by Batman: The Animated Serieslargely because that series is so perfect in the first place.

In celebration of women's history month, we're spotlighting 31 of the greatest female rappers of all time over a day series, kicking off with an interview with MC Lyte. Come back each day in

That she might rob me of everything I own is but fine print. Although that bitch Alexandra would probably ruin it by letting a gold-smuggling mastermind hypnotist in the room before anything could happen. Voiced by the always amazing Katey Sagal, Leela is a funny spaceship pilot, a wise warrior, a caring lover, and a good friend. With hyper-sass and wit voiced by Aisha Tyler, Lana brings as many laughs as she causes bruises, and her fractured sexual relationship with Archer is probably more relatable to my own life than anything in a romantic comedy.

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With her red hair hanging down over her big green scarf and purple dress, Daphne could have been living a more luxurious life, but instead chose to hang around a talking dog, a stoner, a genius and a dapper Dan to debunk a bunch of supposedly paranormal incidents. I completely share that point of view.

And nowthat shit is still a mystery, I guess. I heart Daphne. Nick is a Cajun Country native, and is often asked why he doesn't sound like that's the case. His love for his wife and daughters is almost equaled by his love of gasp-for-breath laughter and gasp-for-breath horror. A lifetime spent in the vicinity of a television screen led to his current dream job, as well as his knowledge of too many TV themes and ad jingles. Movies TV Streaming Superheroes Reviews Voices Videos Podcasts Interviews 3D Trailers Pop Star Wars News Game of Thrones More.

Nick Venable. Your Daily Blend of Entertainment News. Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands. Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. The first album [was] eh. But the experience was great.

We were able to build incredible showmanship. The Making of "The Score" "'The Score' [is] probably one of the most incredible experiences [of] my life. It was hateful, it was happiness, it was sadness, it was bitterness, it was lust it was everything. Summer of '95 was considered a record breaking summer in New York; One of the hottest summer in New York.

When we'd get a little bit of extra money we'd go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and get some biscuits; That was our highlight. Lauryn Hill lived in the suburbs. She'd drive her mom's car to come get us.

We all believed: 'This is gonna pop! I heard her sing it for the first in the studio, but I never truly heard her sing it until two or three experiences. There's been two or three experiences in my life and it sounded differently [each time].

It's like seeing or hearing something and your third eye opens. They didn't know they were naked until they ate the food of knowledge; Some interpret that as the first time they had sex.

They were naked all this time. That's what happened when I really first heard her sing it. I became aware.

14/4/ Lawsuit: 'Gangsta' image prompted woman's murder. An aspiring rap star who has been charged with murdering his roommate and eating part of her lung did so as part of his record label's plan to In fact, the price for an adolescent female slave is far lower than it was in the midth century, when, adjusted to today's dollar, the going rate was roughly $40, the price of a car Gangster Squad. While we didn't get to see the full-on action between Ryan Gosling 's and Emma Stone 's characters in Gangster Squad, even the postcoital makeout session was so Estimated Reading Time: 40 secs

I remember standing on the stage, playing the keys and she sung the first line. I was like, 'Oh my God. That's what that is? We were in Eden [Park]. London don't play that shit. The crowd was pissed. There waspeople pissed. The crowd was looking at us like, 'You fucking clowns.

By the end of the show, it was Kumbaya. Everyone was happy. Life was beautiful. It was that impactful. She had left the group at this point and we didn't know what we were going to do.

She calls me and says, 'Listen, I'm going to come down to the studio and I'm going to lay down a reference for you guys, a hook. I give you permission to use my hook, my voice, but I don't want to be a part of this group anymore.

Gangsta females naked - #PrisonBae: Move Over Sarah Seawright, This Woman Arrested in Just a Bra Is Your New Gangsta Boo

No problem. I see her crying. She stops and says, 'I can't do this anymore,' and leaves. A couple months later she re-joins the group. She said, 'Let's do 'Ready or Not' again 'cause I was crying. It was emotional. She was in there five hours doing the hook.

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Every hit is incredible. But we go back and say, 'There's something about that reference. I don't know if we can touch that. That's what the world has come to hear. There's something about that record That's magic.

Troubles "Things were just happening: One minute we were broken up [then] the next minute we were back together. It was 'Was I stupid for leaving college? What happens when it doesn't work? Back in the day record companies put you on the road and said, 'Go figure it out. So imagine three individuals in one room for most of the year. It was that It was a combination of a lot of things.

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You want to make your parents proud. Then you had elements of outsiders trying to divide what we had. I was always trying to keep peace 'cause I was looking at the bigger picture. I knew there was magic there. But, there are elements in life that you can't control. Without having to talk to them, I know they all feel the same way. Sometimes you go to a place you can't return to. I heard bits and pieces, then I heard the final produce before it came out, before it was deliver dot record company.

It was different from The Fugees, it was a departure but more a distinction. It was incredible. I could't believe what I was hearing. Lauryn Hill needs love. And, love doesn't necessarily romantic love. She needs to be inspired. She's inspired by love. I don't even think she's tapped into what she's [capable of]. I witnessed it. NEXT: Foxy Brown. Day Foxy Brown Foxy Brown turned heads the minute she stepped on to the scene at years-old.

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She's influenced other rappers - male and female - with her vicious rhymes. Below, a handful of artists who've collaborated with Foxy Brown speak on her artistry and accomplishments. Teddy Riley : "She's paved a way for a lot of female rappers, especially those who were young and had no direction. She carved out a path. Foxy played a big part in rap. I hope she comes and does something because people miss Foxy Brown.

When Lyor [Cohen] and Russell Simmons came down to Virginia they pulled me into a room and asked, 'What are you gonna charge us for this? This is a smash. I wanted to show them that the best thing can come out of something that's free or something that's pretty much free. When she wanted to add more she wanted Jay to help her with it. Him being a part of her writing and him ghostwriting for her on a lot of things introduced her to many people and also made her one of the top rappers.

Havoc from Mobb Deep : "Foxy was always passionate for what she did. She wanted to spit a hot rhyme. She was a little bit more savvy with her lyrics.

She Opens The Front Door For The Blind Man ! Not Vanlife Yet !

Chris Lighty had hooked it 'The Promise' up. She was real professional and energetic. I made the beat with how I felt at the moment, then I worked up the hook and she laid her verses down. You've never heard someone like Foxy. She came with it. We were in the studio when Kim and Brat put it down, but we weren't there when Foxy put it down. Kima from Total : "I think they Lil Kim and Foxy Brown knew they were going to be on the song together.

Pam : "The elevation of that record was so high. Puffy was the mastermind behind it. Brandy had done something like that [with female rappers], but it was like 'I Wanna Be Down' to the 4th power. NEXT: Queen Latifah. While continuing to inspire, the New Jersey native has conquered different arenas in the game such as music, TV and film. MC Lyte, a legendary female MC and businesswoman herself, has been close friends with Queen Latifah since the beginning of their careers.

Below, Lyte shares heartfelt words on their friendship and Queen Latifah's impact. We were so young [and] so bright eyed [when] meeting at the New Music Seminar in NYC. Seems so simple however as I look back, it was that week of hip hop activities that changed our lives forever.

I absolutely loved it 'All Hail the Queen'. De La Soul played 'Princess of the Posse' for me in a downtown studio prior to it's release. What a breath of fresh air! Her voice was so strong and her lyrical style was direct and engaging. Y' was extremely impactful for the genre of Hip Hop. To finally hear a strong voice of a positive black woman speaking about uplifting young woman. To date it's still one of my favorite songs. From the very beginning of our friendship I understood La to be full of flavor.

When we would hang out, she would often breakout into a dialect of some sort or pick up her guitar and start strumming a beautiful tune.

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She was funny, engaging and brave. She was one of those people who could do so much well. I always felt she would mature into an artist that did it all and she does. She's definitely an inspiration to everyone who knows her and the millions of fans who support her.

She is the epitome of grace, style and class. I'm happy to say she's my friend and I am simply indebted to her for being one of my biggest inspirations. NEXT: Nicki Minaj. Day Nicki Minaj In less than five years, Nicki Minaj has taken over. She's transcended genres while planting her flag as one of rap's leading MCs-gender aside-as well as firming her brand as an entrepreneur with a flourishing empire.

And for Nicki, paying the cost has no doubt made her a boss. Beginnings Nicki Minaj : "I would get on everybody's nerves [around] the house when singing t he Star-Spangled Banner all the time and singing in weird voices. I would make up names for people. I still don't know why I did that. I remember going to high school, and I decided that I only wanted to put a 'B' in front of people's name.

And I didn't care what your name was, I thought you should have a 'B' in front of your name. It was always there but hip-hop, in the early stages, made me feel I had to suppress [it]. Now I'm like, love it or hate it, this is me. No disrespect to New York rappers, but I don't want people to hear me and know exactly where I'm from. ridiculed, laughed at me, expected and wanted me to fail.

It only made me better. DJ Holiday : "Back then, I tended to shy away from female rappers because you don't know what they're going to be about, but in the studio Nicki was totally confident. She was writing to beats right in front of me, and there were a million things going on, but Nicki was totally focused. I would look at her with headphones on and think, 'Damn, that girl is super focused.

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I knew that with a lot of focus and a push she would become something special. Nicki Minaj : "I was rapping on a DVD "Come Up". He saw the DVD and said he wanted to meet with me to discuss being a part of Young Money. I always liked him, Juve, B. He brought that spotlight on me sooner than I could ever imagine Young Money keeps my street edge. I can't get to up in the sky [because] then Wayne is like, 'I need you to be Nick. Birdman : "We were in LA and Wayne came into my room and played me a DVD that she was on.

He was so hyped about it. We were just in awe of her delivery, her swag and her confidence. He flew her in the next day to meet us. When we first saw her, we knew she'd be the female rapper of Young Money. Wayne had been looking for a female rapper to be a part of the team and when he'd seen that it was a wrap. It was how she was saying what she was saying. It inspired me. Creative Process Nicki Minaj : "I like to write early in the morning when no one's up.

Like 6'o-clock in morning is when my brain is at its peak. I haven't been indignated with emails or phone calls or deal with the world yet. That's my only ritual. I write in my notebook, and sometimes come up with ideas in my head. But if it's stuff that I'm singing, I don't write it at all.

I just record it in the studio. I psych myself out, thinking it's not good enough so I wind up doing it over and over. But with features, I let the magic happen and it's a lot quicker. The Making of "Pink Friday" Nicki Minaj : "Mixtapes were saying I can rap and the album [was] saying I can make a song - that's a big difference in the real world.

When a beat comes on, I am either going to sing on it or rap on it. To be honest, I was doing it singing as a reference for singers. At times when I would do it, people on my team would say, 'You should leave it. It sounds good. At one point I was afraid, thinking, 'Can every one of my characters be on the same album? And if I do that, can this album still be authentic, exciting [and] real? And she asked, 'Can it be a song that hasn't came out yet?

I think after she tweeted that, 'Super Bass' climbed up like 80 spots, the same day on iTunes. That's why people don't understand why I keep thanking Taylor Swift. This is real. Birdman : "Working with Nicki and watching her work [on 'Pink Friday'] was magical to me. I wanted to see it all come out of her. I wanted her to do what she wanted to do and tend to that. The Making of "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" Birdman : "For what she did, to explore that side of music, is hard.

It's not easy. Coming where we come from and where she comes from, I don't find what she did easy at all. It worked and it did what it ended to do. What's Next? Birdman : "For the new album, she's doing what she feels like doing and we're supporting her.

You hear a lot of growth in her music. She's coming confident and hard. We expect for this to be one of the biggest [albums] from her. It's more rap. This album is going to have a little bit of everything but more rap.

I am sure some of the team will be on it. She's still doing her thing, then getting features on it. She's definitely coming this year. She hasn't picked a date yet. What she did for Young Money is totally different then what she's doing for her album. She's more girlier. Lessons Learned Nicki Minaj : "Life is about growth and I don't want to remain the same my whole life - I want to be able to change. I have to be true to me - I started seeing different things, going to different places, eating different things.

It would be fraudulent to rap the same way and look the same way, because I'm not the same. Birdman : "She's still eager to learn. She never acts like she knows everything. She loves to learn and that's the thing I respect the most about her. NEXT: MIA. stands out with her versatility. The UK artist has curated an impressive four-album catalog by laying down rhymes of real-life, hard hitting issues and events over a range of sonic flavors.

We just listened to music, vibes and the next thing you know we started to work. We started working before talking about business details. We were going though a time portal of music. We were listening to tracks from India [and] from different parts of the world and study its elements.

It was connected to her house. We'd stay days in the studio just exploring sounds. We'd work on music and later decide where they'd go. I couldn't keep up with it. It was the best year for me because my son was born and the worst year for me seeing so many Tamil people being killed. And then it was the best year for me because I found someone to settle down with, then the worst year because I couldn't leave [due to visa restrictions] and my mum couldn't come and see me.

My album came out like that because that's how it was. Sometimes when you do that you get some interesting shit, and I think the 'XXXO' video is going to be the perfect balance of both worlds. Diplo : "We did a record called "Tell Me Why," and I just knew what she was good at.

It wasn't the same bunch of noise or talking about politics, because that's stuff people had heard. I wanted her to do something where she was singing and doing something louder, like Animal Collective-style music, because I think that's where she shines best.

It was becoming really saturated and predictable. I wanted to break out of it. Suddenly it was like, 'Okay, I'm going to make this album for Matangi. I found a whole new way of looking at [music] - somebody saying it's so important they made a goddess for it who protected the meaning of music, the frequencies, the sonics.

To learn about that and take it out of the context I'm in, it was pretty dope. It's making music without treating it as a business or as a game or as a competition. I developed a little emo side. Didn't think it was possible, did you? I had support from her; it was great to have her backing me. When she brought me along, her fan base rubbed off on me as well. We weren't afraid to be different. As a brand-new artist, I knew nothing about the industry, I was just trying it out. Working with her pushed me to go forward with it.

was there with me every day from when I started recording my album ['Go! She was pregnant then, but each day she'd come to the studio to lay the direction and add sounds into songs.

Blaqqstar : "She's ineffable; so divine you can't even put into words. Our energies transcended through music. Every clap [and] every sound, we'd just originally produce through sessions.

We didn't plan any recording. NEXT: Lil Kim. Day Lil' Kim Lil' Kim is undeniably one of the best do it. She's been ahead of the game as a musician and fashion icon, since being introduced to the world by the late Notorious B.

G in the mids. Currently pregnant with her first child, Lil' Kim is balancing impending motherhood with time in the studio, making sure to continue on the creative path she's been on since day one. Beginnings "Since I was a little girl, I used to always be the only girl in my group. My family was full of boys. When they needed an extra man to play football, it'd be me filling that space.

They didn't treat me like a sister. They would play with me like I was one of the guys. I was always one of the guys. Style Evolution "I tend to be dubbed as a trendsetter.

My style was always different. Before I got into the industry, I was super sexy. I've always been super sexy and feminine. Biggie's partner from the label, Un Lance 'Un' Rivera knew the essence of being fly. He said, 'I don't want to change her image. They'd spend their own money. My record company didn't understand a female rapper being sexy.

They thought I needed to look like MC Lyte, wear sweat suits and all that. The Making of "Hard Core" "There were a lot of things going on during the making of the album that it became stressful at times: Some personal [and] some business. But it was mostly fun. I got to see something that I created. And I was young, people don't get it. I came into the industry as a baby.

I was years-old. By the time we were signing our contract for Junior M. My mom wasn't really feeling me doing the music thing, and I thought I had to bring her in to sign for me but I literally just turned 18 so I didn't need her to. I was able to sign my own contract. The Making of "The Notorious K. Me and Puffy had our own ideas for the album.

At that time, Puff was my manager; He was everything actually. Bad Boy was my label cause Puffy was my manager but you can basically say that Bad Boy and Atlantic [Records] shared me. Atlantic didn't really want to live up to their part of the deal because they didn't understand the direction that me and Puffy wanted to go. Me and Puffy had to get creative with a lot of the music. We gave them the first three tracks we wanted to be singles and they said, 'We don't want to support our half of it with this.

But, they kept saying no. We ended up going with 'No Matter What They Say. But Puffy is a business man, so we compromised. We knew we had singles but Atlantic didn't see our vision.

I think our word should have meant more but we wanted their support. Puff had this studio home, and he took everyone down there who was working on an album: Mase, me [and] Black Rob. We saw her down there.

She knew about me and I couldn't believe it. She was reciting my raps to me. She was on it. Me and Puffy were like, 'Let's put her on something.

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We didn't have a lot of clearance issues but we did have some. Puffy did what he was supposed to. It was a great song, I loved it. I always represent for my rainbow kids. I think the issues came in at the last minute; It got cleared but it happened last minute. Puff said we should save it for another album. I'm actually supposed to do his show soon. I was supposed to do it before the bundle of joy came so we decided to wait. Hopefully we can do the song up and use it on his show.

That song has a now and then feel. You can play that five or ten years from now. A lot of songs don't have that. I was blessed to have and be a part of those type of songs. Some people I have great chemistry [with]. I have great chemistry with 50 Cent. I also have great chemistry Missy Elliott and Mary J. The Making of "The Naked Truth" "That album was a bit more personal because of what I was going through. I was a bit more angry.

I felt betrayed by so many people at the time. I wanted to get so much aggression out. My record label decided that's how I should go that route and have it be hard core. But I didn't totally agree. Me, personally, [thought] that should have been one of my singles. They didn't get how music was going. I was ahead of my time. But again, my record label didn't get it. I think if they would've pushed more we could have been further.

But the record label got comfortable with the name Lil' Kim selling itself. But I get it, they're not going to gamble on things they don't understand. I didn't have time. Puff says I work better under pressure. I guess it's me taking over when I know I have to. Going into the studio was my relief for everything else that I was going through; I was getting ready to go away. I had a couple of other choices for the second single.

No matter what I was going through, there was no doubt that I was still a sex symbol. Incarceration "I don't regret anything in my life. There's things I wish I would have done differently but I don't regret how I handled the situation.

I don't regret it. Being who I am, is who I am. At the end of the day, my character is my character. I'm not going to change that for nobody. Female Rappers vs. The Industry "I think females make really great music and they need to be acknowledged. We don't get the acknowledgement that men get. Sometimes we don't get the acknowledgment that men get and we sell more records.

Sometimes we don't get the same push as male artists.

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Advice from Notorious B. was sure I was good long-term. He wanted me to be the top bitch in the game. He named me Queen Bitch. In the studio he'd show me things about rapping and music. He knew that I idolized him and he's who I wanted to be.

I would watch him in awe. He was so amazing to me to watch: His energy and they way he moved as a big guy. He was very smart; His mom being a teacher probably had something to do with that. I did work in the earlier stages of [my pregnancy]. My belly is pretty out there right now, but, I'm still working.

I love them, and will always give them what they want but I'm just not going to go back to what's not going to work right now.

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Even the way I used to dress, the Lil' Kim now can't do that. It's about reinventing and evolving. But you can't do the same beautiful thing twice, the same exact way. Lightning [can] strike twice but it's not going to be the same design or come at the same place. I just want to be creative.

NEXT: Remy Ma. Day Remy Ma In three months, Remy Ma will be freed from a six-year prison stint, and there's no doubt she's ready to hit the ground running. The rapper has reconciled with collaborator Fat Joe and is ready to live up to his still-standing belief that she's "the dopest female rapper ever.

State of Mind "I have a new outlook on a lot of things. I'm ready to see the world with these new pair of eyes of mine. Everyone says I'm not missing anything but I think they're just saying that so I don't feel bad. I'm excited to get back into the game and make it a little bit more interesting. The Making of 'There's Something About Remy' "It was easy to make. I was in the studio all the time, wasting money I shouldn't have.

If I would do it again I probably would have saved thousands of dollars. But I was young. So many great producers would come through. People like Ne-Yo, who at the time no one knew who this incredible writer was. I had someone great like Keyshia Cole was working with me.

Fat Joe was always in there, supporting; We were having fun. He put out all the stops to make things happen. I was finally getting my chance to show the world who I was. They let me make the music I wanted to how I wanted to make it. I had free range. I would also wait how they [Terror Squad] wanted me to, in order to make the numbers that it could have. I wanted the album to come out the day of the anniversary of Pun's passing because that day means so much to me. I'm like, 'It has to come out this specific day.

I was being stubborn and pushing my weight around cause I had a little leverage then. I should have waited.

Terror Squad "That was one of the most fun times of my life. I was young, making music, and traveling We made one of the biggest records in hip-hop history.

I think our issues came from our egos conflicting. He guided me, but I didn't listen to him. If I would have listened to him then, things would have been different now. If I would have listened to Joe half of the timeYou don't realize it at the time because when you're young you think you know everything.

There was a lot of conflict that could have been avoided. Sometimes when you have hit records out, you let that control your actions and affect your relationships. It started off a little awkward. We ended up talking about things I want to do when I get home.

He said, 'I still think you're the dopest female rapper ever. Incarceration "You can't believe everything that people say about someone.

I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason. I'm not the type of person to bring someone down to save myself. I'm always one to take one for the team. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to make sure everything else is right.

At first when I went through what I went through, people said, 'Whey didn't you work out a deal? I let people say what they wanted to say, and I just took the decision. That's the person I am. Pending Reality Show "That's when reality shows weren't as ratchet as they are now. I've been getting some calls about it but I'm like, 'I'm good.

That's one thing that's not on my list to do when I get out. Once I have my music solidified, then I'll consider reality TV. I've grown so much as a woman and as an individual. I know that I can bring something to the table that's missing. I don't hear the things that I want to say or have experienced; I don't hear it in the music that's out.

I'm not in jail, I'm in prison. You'd be surprised as to how many women come through here and what they've experienced. I've encountered people from all over the world. I've always rapped about my struggle and living a hard life but there's a lot of things that are serious, like gang issues, immigration issues, domestic violence issues There's some women in here, year-olds with ambition, who may never see the light of day.

I thought I had a hard life, but I've now experienced a whole different world. It's serious. I'm going to put it in my music. I can say I have at least 20 books or so of songs. There's a history of artists that go to jail and when they get home they're not all that or even do anything.

I'm not falling into that category.

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In my opinion, the only one that did some significant time then came home and went stupid was 'Pac. That's what I want to do. I want to come home and make an impact. I feel like my time was cut short and I didn't get to blossom where I wanted to be in my career.

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I want to definitely work with these MMG guys; I love what they're doing. I love [Rick] Ross. I fuck with Meek [Mill]. He's one of my favorites right now. I love everything he puts out. I fuck with French [Montana]. I like Nicki [Minaj]. She's been doing her thing. I like that YG kid, a lot.

When July comes around, I'm around. That's my motto: I'm around. When She Gets Out I'm going to get my nails done. I'm a girly girl. And I'm married! I'm over here married, without my nails done.

I'm going to get dolled up.

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I'll then knock out a few things [and] lay down some melodies. I've written a lot down but I haven't been producing so I just write and listen to the radio. I think that if I get in to the studio with some of these guys that are out - like Rico Love and DJ Mustard - I'm going to get so lit. Mess up the hair and make-up that I got done. I have been in prison for a while.

NEXT: Khia. Day Khia Twelve years ago, Khia came out with a song that, although it made everyone blush, it was hard to not recite: "My Neck, My Back. The Making of "My Neck, My Back Lick It " "'My Neck, My Back' was something I made joking around. At the time, there was [a] guy in Tampa who had a song called 'My Neck and My Back,' and I was like 'Oh okay. My neck, my back, my pussy and my crack.

And it turned out to be hit in 20 different countries. It wasn't over the top. I had my hair wrapped and I was getting my feet done. They wanted strippers and models but I said 'No.

Outrageous Rump-Shaking 'Bubble Butt' Song Goes Viral Major Lazer's bizarre song makes it to No. 1 spot on Spotify's Top 5 list 8/4/ The 25 Best Strip-Club Anthems. 1 of (Photo: New Line Cinema) It's been 15 years to the day since The Player's Club, the best movie Tinder's X-rated brother, the adult-oriented hookup app Mixxxer, launched last week to help combat this problem and help users find nearby hookups

I want men to know that I'm a female rapper and singer that's singing for them. It's not just women per se.

It's not that K. Michelle, Keyshia Cole, Cry me a river type of music. I'm lyrically catering to men. I should put out a remix to that song but I don't have to because it will never get old. It's as if it's new today. It branded me and also created a cult following for me.

Some artists won't be able to creat a classic, and I did my first time out. Collaborating with Trick Daddy and Janet Jackson "I don't like collaborating with artists. But I love Trick [Daddy].

When he called I was like, 'No, I'm not gonna do it. Her's was about pussy or something. And, here people come asking me to be on songs when it's about balls, ass, or pussy.

I told Kim I wasn't doing her song and she got offended. That was ten years ago; There's no beef. People were approaching me with very vulgar songs. When Trick called it was like, 'I like Trick! Let me hear it. I wrote it in minutes. They edited me out for the video. We shot for two days and all of the stuff ended up getting edited out because they didn't want to share the spotlight.

If you call me to be featured on the song, I think we should cross-promote and be able to perform together. So keep your shit [and] don't call me. I have it in my contract now that I will be a part of cross-promotion, even if it's just a song.

I handled the situation with Janet; It just taught me to have everything written in contracts. Her Friendship With Gucci Mane "I knew Gucci before he was this huge artist. He'd come through a club I had all the time to perform. I got to know him before he changed. The industry has changed him. No one is going to get to know the beautiful side I did. He's too far gone. I think he was high when he was tweeting; He was speaking the truth.

It may be the people he's around or drugs that he's on. Sometimes money or environment changes people. I think his team is not good and he doesn't have any positive reinforcement. I reached out to him a few times, but I haven't seen him since we did, 'What They Do,' [which] was When he did that he was on some type of drug; I don't know what he took to trip him out. When we did that song I can tell something was off.

Something's been off since then. If you were to ask me, as a close friend, I don't think he recovered well when he ended up having to shoot someone and it wasn't intentional.

I think he was scared for his life and someone ended up getting murdered. I don't think he's recovered from that and I don't think he ever well. It changed him. Collaborating with Miley Cyrus "I love Miley! Her team called me and asked to do the official remix. I'm a fan of hers, so of course I did it.

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I had a chance to be creative and go in and create a melody. I like creating the melody more than rapping. I was ripping and running around 19, years-old.

She knows that the world is controversial and she knows the more crazy things you do the more albums you sell. I think that's just the route that she's going. I'm celebrating years as an independent artist. It turned out so beautiful. It's super sexy. All my songs are bold and sexual. I love to love and I love to have sex, of course. It's all me 'cause I write and produce all my music. Some women think I'm male-bashing but, no, my music is majority for men.

I'm not singing for women. It's a fiction book based on non-fiction experiences. I'm trying to drop three books this year. I think the books are going to make people realize that I'm also a creative writer. A Lesson Learned "I was ripping and running when I was young.

I ended up getting pregnant so young. My mom was so disappointed, telling me, 'You should be doing your music.

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