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There are excitement and energy in the relationship. The feelings are surface level and do not go deeper than that. It is a relationship that is based purely on feelings. Lust is a normal response that people experience including teens, but it's not love. Many teens and adults confuse the two. Lust is based only on the physical attraction where love is much deeper than that and involves caring about the other person. The relationship may begin because of lust, but real love moves past lust and physical attraction.Fat young sexy whores.

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I honestly hate night clubs because of several reasons but one major reason why I try to avoid them whenever I can, is because I always have to shake my head when I see all those guys who desperately try to get some attention from women by walking around like the lovechild of Mystery and Flavor Flav.

Peacockingas a concept of the seduction community, is nothing but a desperate attempt to stand out from the masses with something you wear, instead of standing out from the masses because of something you are.

I also feel comfortable in a nice suit, but as soon as you wear something because you want to get attention and not because you feel good wearing it, you always come from a place of low self-esteem and women will immediately see right through you.

Whenever I go to a club I feel kind of sorry for all those insecure guys with their caps and their ten chains who stand alone in the corner, looking terribly lonely and uncomfortable.

Besides looking like a rockstar who needs a drug rehab, some men decide to fall into the other extreme.

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